Tips and meaning of some terms in sport betting

1 This Simply means the Home team will win
2 This Simply means the  Away team will Win
x This Simply means the  Home team and Away team must  draw the match
1x This Simply means the  Home Team will either win or draw
2x This Simply means the   Away Team will either win or draw
Bts This Simply means that Both club will  Score and it’s also called GG Yes
Aweh This Simply means that  Away team will Win Either of the two halve
Hweh This Simply means that  Home team will Win Either  of the two halve
0:2H This is called Handicap 2 and its means 2 goals ahead for Away team
2:0H This is called Handicap 2 and its means 2 goals ahead for Home team
Over3.5G This Simply means 4 or more goals to be scored
Over1.5G This Simply means 2 or more goals to be scored
Over2.5G This Simply means 3 or more goals to be scored
Hwbh This Simply means home teams will win both halve
Awbh This Simply means Away teams will win both halve
Bts(1) This Simply means both team will score but the home team will still win



This Simply means both team will score but the Away team will still win

12 (DC) mean that we win if Home or Away team win . If we have draw we lose .

DNB : That means DRAW NO BET . If we select 1 DNB  that mean that if the home team win we WIN if the result is DRAW we take back our stake and if the away team win we lose.

The following tips and meaning  if followed would guide you to be a successful bettor and make money from sports betting.

  • Remember  what really defines professional bettors, losers and winners is discipline and sticking to your betting strategy.
  • Don’t bet under the influence of alcohol or hard drugs as they may affect your sense of judgement
  • When using RunBets bet tips and services we advice you use only our tips without adding anything else.
  • Don’t use all your bankroll on a single bet even though the sport bet is over 90% sure always remember that in sports betting there is always little chance of loss.
  • Bet with the same stake for a period of time
  • We advice that you have accounts with two to three (2-3) bookmakers for better odds.
  • You need to be patient as being a successful bettor is really long term process and does not just  happen overnight.
  • When using RunBets tipsters you are advised to follow our tips constantly and not change to another tipster when we make 1-2 losses. This is because in betting there is surely a bad run but when you stick to a tipster your chances of overcoming the bad run soon is very high but when you choose a different tipster regularly you are more likely to prolong the bad run.
  • Follow our instruction as posted in this tips and meaning page and you will be rest assure to enjoy daily wins as a bettor
  • Always pay full attention to; Over/Under , Asian Handicap , European Handicap. As this are very necessary when using RunBets and would aid you in picking right.
  • To also avoid some bookmakers stake limits we advice you open accounts with two to three (2-3) bookmakers site.
  • For asian handicap tips we recommend you to try any of Bet365 or 188bet or 10bet or Sbobet or Pinnacle or Canbet.
  • For Over/Under 2.25 and 2.75 tips are always available in: 188bet or  10bet or  Sbobet, Canbet or 12bet or Titanbet or Jetbull or Betdaq
  • For African bets you can use 9jabet , nairabet and so on.
  • Also you can check live scores and stats of most matches by making use of sites like or flashscore or livescores or futbol24.com

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