In sports betting halftime bets is one of the most under-appreciated and less used options available to sports bettors. But to me I think halftime is a good way to make money easily, fast and steady in sport betting. Just of this, before you have to make a bet on a team you have the chance to watch the team play half of the game.

What happens in the first half of the game is not necessarily an indicator of what will happen at the sound of the final whistle, but you have the opportunity to read the game, the pace of the game, how players are reacting to the conditions, the health of the players, and who is in control. If used properly all this serves as a huge advantage.

You would obviously need to treat halftime bets differently for each different sport though there are some general rules that are consistent to all sports you would still need to be familiar with the rules of a particular sport before placing your bet.

Here’s a look at things to consider when making halftime bets regardless of the sport you are placing your bet on:

  1. Flow of the game: Like I earlier said the advantage of halftime bets is that you get the chance to read the game. You would need to pay attention to details like the flow of the game.
  2. Pace of the game: It is very common in nearly all sports for you to see opponents playing at a different pace. And in one way or the other a side is going to be in control, determining the pace of the game and how the opponent plays. The team that is able to determine the pace of play surely has a huge advantage and would be more comfortable having greater chance to win the second half, only on rare occasions does the side that started slowly turn out victors.
  3. Who is in control: Each side would have surely had periods of lulls and surges during a half of play, but over the course of the half you should be able to tell if the two teams have been reasonably equally well matched, or if one team has been the better and more dominant squad in the half, this should guide your decision for the next half of the game.
  4. If there is a losing side is there still life in them: Very often in sport betting do we see a weaker side take the early lead though not control the game, this is a great sign that they might just crack in the second half of the game. Though in some occasions the team that is losing at the half has given up and it is clear that they are just playing for the final whistle.
  5. How do the teams respond: Some teams and coaches have a very great fighting spirit and are good in figuring out what they need to do better in order to get a better result in the second half of the game. While some teams really struggle to adjust in the middle of a game and simply collapse when things go wrong.

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